"I spent a winter with Francis north of the Arctic Circle. He is able to lead a scientific discussion with researchers in one moment and then explain physical phenomena entertainingly to children in the other, always taking into account the level of knowledge of his interlocutors. This ability to adapt his vocabulary to the needs of the target audience makes Francis a brilliant writer who I wholeheartedly recommend to any organisation in need of communicating science."

René J Steiner – European Commission.

"Francis has a sharp and insightful intellect and writes with a remarkably elegant prose. He has an unrivaled ability to effectively communicate the most difficult of scientific concepts in an interesting and inspiring way for fellow scientists and the general population alike."

Pradeep Namboodiri – National Institute of Standards and Technology

"Francis is a deep well of political and cultural reason. He is of a type all too rare these days: a writer who can leap the almost unbridgeable chasm between modern culture and the facts."

Katy Evans-Bush – poet, copywriter and editor.